A Note:

Yesterday, it came to my attention that there was a big kerfluffle over on tumblr, in which Tamora Pierce made some problematic statements about race in the television series Agent Carter. That kerfluffle migrated to twitter, and it may not have died down yet, but before it does I want to mention something important:

Lit Witches is a blog that is committed to inclusivity. My post about my love for Pierce’s work is not a backhanded endorsement of some of the ideas she’s put forth about how race is represented in media. It was simply a strange coincidence that I scheduled that post for the same day the controversy took place on other platforms.

I thought long and hard about my post and considered taking it down. The situation is particularly complex because Pierce’s work goes directly against some of her antiquated, and not-so-enlightened views on how race/gender/etc. can be represented in media. Longtime fans of Pierce were upset particularly because what so many found valuable about her novels was the idea that you could be the underdog and win, and her work has been an example of how diversity is an asset to fantasy novels. Other people have already talked about this much more eloquently than I can.

I maintain that Pierce’s work is representative of the ideas I talked about yesterday. My views on Alanna, Daine and the Tortall crew haven’t changed. I continue to be grateful I read those books as a kid, and that they’re in my personal library. I am, however, saddened that that one of my favorite authors has shown herself to be less enlightened than the books she’s written.

Bottom line: Lit Witches’ contributors do not necessarily endorse authors’ personal views on life and existence. In the age of the internet, it’s easy to say something you can’t take back and arguments blow up in mere minutes. Every once in a while, we may inadvertently and awkwardly stumble into the mix, without even knowing it.

Thanks so much for reading with us and we have a great post coming later today about Jennifer Niven’s new book All the Bright Places.

All best,



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