To the Girls,

No matter how old you are, no matter where you are, no matter how you live your life, we support you, we respect you, you’re the reason we exist.

The reason Coven Book Club only recommends books, rather than potentially giving a “bad” review is because there are plenty of spaces in the world that serve to criticize women and the work they do. We believe in critique and we don’t condemn the review, we just want a space where no one ever has to shut their eyes or hold their breath for fear that we’re slamming their favorite author, or if they’re that author, their work. Again, there are spaces enough for that in the world.

We strive to create a space for people who genuinely want to broaden their reading horizons, for people who want to read more women authors, for people who just want to know what to read next. We’re doing this because it’s fun and because we care. We’re doing it because we know it’s a tough world out there for a girl and one more safe space can only help.

So if you’re just joining us, know this: we are fiercely protective of inclusiveness, if you say you’re a girl, you’re a girl and you deserve our support. We are fiercely protective of one another and the books we recommend. We’re a group of women who banded together to make our voices heard and we want you to hear that we’re here for you.

Girls, we salute you,

Coven Book Club

To find out more about Courtney Summers’ #TOTHEGIRLS campaign, click here.

Coven Book Club is on tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, supporting all the girls. Join us.


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