Another Manic Wednesday

Oh my lovelies. I so want to be recommending a book to you right now, especially as I gave you a “What I’m Reading” post last week, but alas… I am in a whirlwind of the busy time between Spring Break and the end of Spring semester. I teach university level writing online and this has been a challenging semester for me.

I scoured my Goodreads shelves for something I’ve been holding out on and came up dry. It’s not that I don’t have books I could recommend to you, I do, it’s that the words I have to say about books are somewhat limited right now, because I’ve been using all my writing brain waves on students.

This is the difficulty with a job that puts writing and reading front and center, sometimes I simply stall out on reading or writing anything else, even when I do so very, very much want to be reading and writing for pleasure and my other work. I look for the energy to do so and my reserves for both are empty and my heart breaks a little.

So what is the point of publishing this post at all? I think on some level it’s to say, that I’m human. Nicola’s human. Alyssa’s human. We love this blog and our readers, but sometimes we run out of words. I could have pushed myself to write something different, but I love this space and you, our readers, so I don’t want to feed you a line.

Alyssa told you on Monday about our plans to read some books together over the next few weeks and I’m very excited about those posts, so I hope you’ll join us. Right now I’m going to go brew a cup of tea, and curl up with Lady Midnight and hopefully something else when I’m done with that. I hope you’ll do the same and that you’re taking care of yourselves out there.

Lot of love,



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