About CBC

Long ago, women who exhibited signs of thinking too much ran the risk of being branded a witch, often with disastrous consequences. We’re glad those days are over, but the idea that a witch is a woman who stands out from the crowd or bands together with other women to gain power stuck with us. A voracious appetite for knowledge may not be witchcraft, but it’s most definitely magical.

The Coven Book Club is a group of women who love to read and want to pass that passion on to others. Be forewarned, the witches here are a fiercely protective group, these aren’t book reviews, they’re recommendations. If we don’t like it, you won’t hear about it. We’re not in the business of slamming authors or their work.

We’re committed to recommending books written by women, so you won’t find recommendations for books written by men. That may seem a little narrow-minded, but rest assured, we love warlocks. We believe promoting other women’s writing is a great thing to do, so this is our space to do so. Some of our authors have blogs of their own that have a wider focus so make sure to look out for links in our author bios.

We’re glad you’re here. Pull up a broom, brew some tea and snuggle your favorite familiar. You’re in for a supernaturally good time, witch’s honor.